Friday, 28 November 2008

i loved the cup cake fabric so much i bought it in brown !!!! i have just mastered the art of button making with my little button making gadget (well sort of , they could be better) i think they will look great on a bag..which i will make from a felted sweater, my daughter loved them and has pinched them she wants to give one to her best friend awww bless!!!
i have been spending so much money on second hand sweaters and fabric i have been on e bay all night selling old clothes ...i really need more money I'm running out fast !! I've just been looking at blogs in America , i wish we had thanks giving here it really filled me will joy to read the heart felt stories , i love the way in which everyone reflects and bonds together ....i would love to live in America!!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Well I've finally allocated myself an area in the dinning room and made a special place for my new sewing machine ooohhh!!! which i should be getting tomorrow. Ive spent a fortune on books but I'm sure they will all be useful .....if not theres some lovely pictures ha!! oh i have received my cupcake fabric this morning i cant wait to turn it into something special for my little girl .
I'm feeling a little deflated today my dad told me he has just thrown out a load of jumpers and my grandads old suits etc, he didn't no it is now my new hobby, my dad is known for hording everything which i love about him , and i also love looking through all the strange things he keeps, but recently mum has been moaning about the amount of rubbish he keeps ...he is now throwing things away which has upset me , its sort of like he is changing and also i will miss all the wonderful things he keeps....don't change dad .

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

nemo on ice!!!

took the kids to see nemo on ice, they loved it. mason loved putting his nemo hat on his face and walked round in circles ha!! we had front row seats which was perfect when taking a toddler .
went looking at sewing machines today god there are sooo many but i think I've found the one which will suit me ...i might get it tomorrow as i really need to be getting on with uni work now ooooohhhh I'm so behind.

Friday, 21 November 2008

felt vessels

wool jumpers i have just felted...what shall i make mmmmmm taught myself needle felting
wet felted vessel

2 more wet felted vessels, made by covering a balloon with felt fibres

oooooohhhh I'm sooooooo getting into the Xmas spirit hope everyone else is??? well i really should be cracking on with uni work but I'm still looking for ideas and inspiration from other peoples blogs ha!! and all i want to do at the mo is snuggle up with a big thick woolly throw and a hot choc mmmmmmmmm!!! my ideas for uni are all felt and material based i just need to improve on my skills oh and some how get a sewing machine ... I'm sure good old mum and dad will get me one for Xmas, but which one do i need ??? there are so many and i don't no i thing about them .